Working at MAST Consulting Group

At MAS Tech Consulting, We provide opportunity to create your own career path, one that is unique and personalized. We promise our consultants a career of unparalleled professional satisfaction, personal development and long-term compensation. To keep this promise, we ensure that a career-development framework is in place that enables advancement at a rate commensurate with the ability of each individual.

We are bound together by our conviction that ethics and integrity are core to how we operate. We engage with others from a basis of trust because we believe that everyone is doing his or her best and wants to do the right thing. Therefore, we collaborate and share to create value for our employees, our shareholders and our customers.

We structure our compensation to ensure that they are competitive for the region, market conditions and job requirements. We rewards employees for their contribution to the company and ensure fairness & comply with applicable federal and local laws. All our employees are covered by Medical & Health Insurance and have benefits in line with their job requirements.