Identity & Access Management

Ensuring that your organizations information assets are accessible to only those who are authorized and authenticated is the minimum security baseline that you can put in place. In order to ensure this, however it is important to address why someone needs access to this information. Typical security controls are provided on a ‘need to’ basis. However very few question why that person “needs” access? What is the business justification for this and what does this level of access entail? What are the ramifications of providing an employee access to sensitive information on the organization. Identity management is one of the most important components of an organization’s security infrastructure.

Securing an identity is inevitable for every business transaction, internally for employees and externally for users, vendors and suppliers. Identity and access management plays a crucial rule in securing organisation’s information and assets by ensuring that authorized people have right level of access to the information or assets. With ever evolving technology, managing a users identity on multiple platforms and ensuring that authorized users have right access rights to their resources based on ‘need-to-know’ has become complex and difficult. At MAST, we understand technology, regulations and your organisational requirements. We follow an integrated approach to manage internal and external identity and access management and develop customized IAM frameworks that not only provide roadmap for prioritizing specific areas to reduce risks but also are scalable for your evolving business requirements.