Security Assessment

Our expert security engineers are put to work for you as ethical hackers, conducting extensive and perpetual attacks on your IT infrastructure – with the sole purpose of identifying means by which data can be stolen or your infrastructure can be taken offline. During the assessment consultants will conduct staff interviews, review any relevant policy documentation, and scan networks and hosts with a variety of tools. This methodology gives a comprehensive insight into the IT environment, while also uncovering any gap between the perceived state of security and the actual implementation and initiatives. The baseline used is a combination of:

  • The current client policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures
  • Industry accepted best practices CIS, NIST, SANS e.t.c

We validate identified vulnerabilities, follow chaining paths between vulnerable systems, and disclose with certainty which hardware and software applications are putting you at real risk of attack. Based on the application mapping exercises, identify and review the following features

  • Multistage processes.
  • Critical security functions, such as login
  • Transitions across trust boundaries (for example, moving from being anonymous to being self-registered to being logged in).
  • Checks and adjustments made to transaction prices or quantities

As our security experts are conducting the perpetual attacks (automated and manual) and exploiting vulnerable attack vectors, no denial of service or destructive testing will be done intentionally. This allows us to identify insecure software and communication systems without exposing your services to unnecessary operational risks.
Our security assessment services include

  • Source Code Review
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Network/ Server Configuration Review
  • Mobile Applications Security Assessment
  • Firewall Rules Audit
  • Wireless Access points Assessment