Technology Staffing Services (TSS)

MAS Tech Consulting has specialized in providing niche skilled professionals to Telcos, Banks, O&G, Government, Education, Health Care and Private Organizations in the region and in UAE. To meet the rapid growth in demand for niche and generic skills across the Middle East, a young and vibrant Technology Staffing Services (TSS) was formed.

TSS is equipped with HR and IT professionals who enjoy rich experience in Talent Management. Our team is trained to identify, recruit mobilize resources on demand.

► TSS employs over 50+ niche skilled professionals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar

► Provides Enterprise Security and Business Technology Consultants to a large network of clients across all sensitive sectors.

► Staff Managed Infrastructure support professionals at various enterprises across the region.

► Recruit and management Services.

► Multilingual professionals sources from global market.